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Óscar López

Born in Barcelona, ​​very small and began to live long periods abroad, maybe that's where his passion for travel began. After studying tourism and art history, he began working as a tour guide in Spain, Europe and the world, which has allowed him to know all the provincial capitals of Spain, and every continent in depth except Oceania, until his last working years abroad was as director of a river cruise ship. Currently combines address Alcam Barcelona with his antique shop in the center of Barcelona. His biggest hobbies are collecting antiques Travel and Mickey Mouse. Your point Fricky, is a big fan of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Recommendation of the Month: Restaurant Mary and Rufus. "Against the Santa Catalina market is the place where never'll go out, but this family has the best fresh market produce, the best prawns and seafood. I love going to enjoy the good and simple. Not for tourists! "

Diego Campos

Galician, he was born in the small town of La Rua in the province of Ourense. From very young he moved to the capital of the province to study teaching. After finishing his studies , came the Barcelona travel to study , and as he says in jest, that trip is still going . After working at the airport in Barcelona , he began his career as a teacher , specializing in new technologies, combines task today with all computer system Alcam Barcelona. Apple buff , his passions are monitoring the products of the American company and model railway where relaxing for hours. To release adrenaline a morning ski! His most fricky point, I like to sleep with the hair dryer on!

Recommendation of the Month: One of my favorite restaurants, Café Adonis , a classic of the end zone de Gracia, with a special charm and a fun, classic and very economical dishes. Provoking the idea of ​​taking a good tonic after dinner without leaving your chair. team

Sonia Fernández

I was born in Barcelona in 1989. I live on the outskirts of Barcelona , in the mountain, but quite and so it is perfect because it is very close to Barcelona city center, and in a moment, I can be in the city to enjoy it.
I like sports, especially basketball. I play basketball on a team , and for me is the best time of the day, because i can disconnect to the world!!

Recommendation of the Month: I would recommend you the Magic Fountain in Plaza España, is a spectacular display of colour, light, motion, music and water. The Magic Fountain is highly recommended. when you come to Barcelona.

Alejandro Moreno

I was born in a small town in Colombia located to the southeast of the country called Florence, better known as "The Golden Gate Colombian Amazonia." From an early age I had an adventurous spirit and is what led me to visit many places around the world. While still in school, I used to take my vacation during motorcycle trips along with others throughout Colombia and some South American countries. Once finished my undergraduate studies I decided to study BA in English, which allowed him to travel to the USA every summer to work, learn and improve my English. Then I started my career as a teacher, specializing in teaching English while combines with a family business. I realize that the business world is much more exciting than teaching, and that is why I choose to travel to Barcelona for a Masters in International Business and Management. I admit that Barcelona is one of the most complete and most charming cities I have visited. That is why, I want to settle down for a long time in this wonderful city and I am very committed and happy to be part of the team working AlcamBarcelona.;

Recommendation of the Month: I love the center of the city for eat something, Tapas is the best. Near our office, in La Sirena Verde you can found a lot of kind of this food! Enjoy our city!

Manel González

My name is Manel and my job is in accounting within alcambarcelona. I love my city and I always find somewhere or corner very pleasant to stroll and enjoy the architecture. It is highly recommended to visit our Basilica of the Sagrada Familia and Park Guell our fantastic; Batllo house and the wonderful Paseo de Gracia. My favorite place to eat and have "tapas" place is the Barceloneta, near the sea and a variety of tapas and fish.

Belkys Galvis

I was born in Bucaramanga (Santander-Colombia). City of parks at the level of my country.

I am part of this beautiful city 10 years ago, land that opened doors and opportunities that today give thanks for everything provided.

I studied a higher education degree in Administration and finanzas.Referente to me I can tell you that I am curious and adventurous, I like to know, to inquire and to be in continuous learning I am also a passionate animal.

I invite you to know this beautiful city called Barcelona, since you will never end up knowing it completely!

Jordi Krastev

Hello ! My name is Jordi, I am Bulgarian, I was born in Sofia, capital of Bulgaria, I studied at the University of Bulgaria
And I am an engineer in the faculty of chemistry.
I have worked in my country in several places on our beaches in the tourist sector.
I like traveling a lot, that's why I'm here in Barcelona.
I have been a fan of Barça for a long time when It was still playing Hristo Stoichkov, a Bulgarian player that I love.
In Alcambarcelona I work on the subject of maintenance, it is good because I know a lot of people and I like to move around the city.
I recommend the Arc de Triomf area, it is a very nice place to walk around and spend the afternoon.

Fouad Abdela

My name is Fouad and I was born in Egypt, in the area of the pyramids. I studied tourism at the University called 6 de Octubre. My family works in tourism. My dream was always to leave the country to meet other cultures and I arrived in Barcelona thirteen years ago. In the city there are many places worth missing, such as the old town, Barceloneta, Borne district and Las Ramblas. For me it is one of the best cities in the world. One of the things I like most about Barcelona is that it is open to the Mediterranean Sea.

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Kristina Naydenova

I was born in 1992 in Bulgaria and according to me in the most beautiful city in our country, which is called Veliko Tarnovo. I have recently graduated from the university, finishing my Bachelor degree in International Economic Relations and now I am doing my Master degree in Business Administration. What specific can I say about myself? Well, I am adventurous kind of person and I am always searching for new experiences and new things, which I can put myself in. Since the first time I have gone abroad I have the passion for traveling, meeting new people and learning more about the other cultures. Another thing that I am passionate about is trying typical food from the countries, which I am visiting. Actually I have a passion for food at all, not only for eating it, but also for preparing it. One of my hobbies is cooking and especially I love making sweet things and desserts. It calms me down.

Christopher Sanango

I was born in the biggest city in Ecuador located to the northeast of the country called Guayaquil. I studied Tourism and Hotel Management in the most prestigious university called Cett located in Barcelona. My dream is to become hotel manager, but I think that is necessary work very hard if you want to follow your dreams. Every day I am trying to improve. On the other hand, I am passionate about animals. I had ten years in Barcelona, and I can tell you that is the best place on the world. Barcelona offers to the visitors all kinds of leisure and fun. And this is the reason because I invite you enjoy Barcelona, you will not regret.

Juan Estévez

Hello, my name is Juan, I was born in Bueu, a small town of the Rias Bajas in Galicia and I have been living in the cozy and multicultural city of Barcelona since 2007. I love Barcelona because of its climate, the variety of cultural, sports, culinary, musical offerings ... and almost everything you can imagine. Cycling from my house in the Sants neighborhood to the beach, stopping at some work-out to get in shape, watching movies in the film library, visiting the museums of CCCB and Caixaforum, summer parties are some of my Preferred activities. My passions are sports (soccer) and reading (Murakami, Kipling, Huxley, ...), although now I have little time since I combine my work, with the studies of Tourism.

Ferran Montero

Hello everyone.
My name is Ferran and I am one of the last incorporations in this fantastic company, Alcam Barcelona.
What can I explain about me? I was born 30 years ago (although it doesnt seems) in a little village on the outskirts called Llora.
Soon after birth, I moved with my parents to Asturias, and I think that is why I like so much to travel, because since then I’ve not stopped: Almost all Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, UK, USA…
My hobbies are, apart of traveling,to go to the cinema, to watch series, to play football and to visit my homeland: Girona

Esteban Cabrera

Born in the suburbs of Paris and arrived in Barcelona at the age of 8 years, I live in Barcelona since then. I lived in different neighbourhoods, Gracia, Les Corts and and nowadays at the Eixample Esquerra. When I arrived in Barcelona, ​​I continued my studies at the Lycée Français and then the career of Tourism.
I love languages ​​and it is at Alcam, in this Company, that I can day to day practice them.
Europe is a continent that fascinates me to travel and discover new cultures, people and religions ... It must be said, however, without going so far, that in Catalonia, the charming places and small villages located inside, often unknown today, are for many of us small wonders still to be discovered. The region of l'Empordà fascinates me.
Cooking is another of my passions and I like experimenting with new ingredients in new recipes and discover new tastes.
I like just staying with my family while having fun playing sports with my children (football, basketball, handball, and paddle) and in this way I feel almost as young as them.

Leyre Pardo

Hi! My name is Leyre and I'm 27. I was born and grew up in Zaragoza, a little town located between Madrid and Barcelona. When i was a child, I loved travelling, that's why I studied tourism. Between all cities i could choose, I chose Barcelona because of its diversity and, of course, the sea!
Apart from travelling, I love unexpected plans, swimming and getting lost in big cities.

Faiza Bouazzaoui

Hi,my name is Faiza, I am from Morocco, and have 23 years old.
I have lived in Morocco until the age of 19, in a city called Meknes. It is located in the northern center of the country, from where begin the medium Atlas Mountains. The city is Imperial because of Ismailia dynasty and used to be the capital of Morocco (1672-1727). This period has left many fascinating historical monuments to visit, making Meknes a very attractive place for tourists.

In 2013, after graduating from a French high school, I moved to France to continue my studies. I am currently at the last year of a business school called KEDGE in Bordeaux, preparing my Master thesis in Marketing. So I came to Barcelona making my internship in order to practice my Spanish, discover another European culture and further more to learn about the effective life of tourism and its problematic, linked to the client service quality.

Besides that, I am a girl who loves enjoying the life in all its sides: food, beaches, monuments, parties… every experience could be enriching and for sure add value to our human being.

Daniele Godina

Hi! My name is Daniel, I am Italian, 21 year-old and one of the latest arrivals in the family of Alcam Barcelona.

I come from Turin, one of the most fascinating and ancient cities in the north of Italy, situated to the foot of the majestic Alps, a city of workers, motor of the economy of the Country, but at the same time famous for its nightlife, thanks to the parties and the events that attract young people from all over Europe.

I am currently graduating in foreign languages applied to the world of tourism in the University of Aosta Valley and I don't hide that I have found in a vibrant and active city like Barcelona the ideal place where to daily connect with dozens of different nationalities, in a constant and enriching cultural exchange.

I am an extrovert and curious person, I dream to explore every angle of the planet and to add year after year, new foreign languages to my cultural background.
I adore sports, I follow and practice basketball and football, parties (believe me, from this point of view no city is better than Barcelona) and to socialize with new people.

Among the amazing places you can find in Barcelona I recommend you the promenade in front of the sea, near the district of the Barceloneta, with its beaches, the cafes near the waves, the sea breeze that disarranges your hair and the warm sun that will always accompany your stay here.

Rafael Barrios

I was born in Peru and grew up in the 80s alternating residence between the capital cities of Peru and Colombia . Very soon then I learned to appreciate the cultural differences as well as the different cultures from the South American mountains: Los Andes highlands.
After finalising studies of tourism, I spent unforgettable years travelling and working while discovering amazing destinations and meeting wonderful people over America, Europe and North of Africa.
I'm most happy living in Barcelona, a city that encourages inhabitants to improve their own lives and delights visitors with its highlights, finally stays deep in you even after you return back home. I invite you to enjoy my city, your city the next few days.